Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A quik update

ok let's see.. wat have i done... lets recap, re-hat n re-songkok.. ok lame!!~~

i went to orchard in 4 consocutive(spellcheck quill i need one can?) days.. wat am i doing there??? ok funny thing for me to tell u though...

on thursday.. where all the exciting things happen... promised rezal to meet him at orchard but last minute change of plans going to meet him at cdc.. bcos he have a some sort of a meeting.. i met syawal there... b4 making a move.. called rezal thrice untiul he answered n he said he havent finish his meeting.. it's 5 already n he finish werk at 3.. n then ask us to meet him at orchard... so we went there... n slacked there until 9.30 waiting for rezal.. interesting rite??? n yet rezal called to say the meeting havent ended... wth!~ went home str8 after the interesting news...

friday... skip nite class.. yep i know im bad... meet syawal(again) n abg sam n his wife(kak liza) n rezal n hetty... met them at orchard(again).. n then while walking to ps as we plan to watch f4(again)... sometink bad or should i say a "drama" happened btwn abg sam n his wife. after persuading(not me but rezal n hetty) abg sam planned that we go karaoke... nope not at the place where there's hostess... juz having fun.. decent drinks n all...n yep we finished at 1 am n i reached home at 2.30 am.. wat a gd boy i am... yep yep...

saturday.. went to fetch dad frm werk.. otw there my mum told me she had bought for me the harry potter latest bk(no need to tell u guys surely know by now).. i was suppose to be a suprise but nah... my mum juz couldnt wait to tell me like i couldnt wait to get hold of the book... then had breakfast wif dad n mom.. n then went home.. dad ask me to tag along during his bowling practice wif his fellow colleagues.. it was fur but my wrist hurt.. imagine 5 games!! argh! n yep i did ok lah.. n guess wat?? dad ask me to beat his score which is... 165!!! wat the *toot*... i barely reach 150.. but did so lah... so i shld say i barely reack 160... n yet he ask me to beat 165?? later dad... heheheh... i shall train!!! hahahahah

oklah that's all as sunday i slack at home... gtg to skool now... bye bye all...

n yeah today is abg Sam bday!~~~ or nazrul hisam... but yeah i donno his age...
26?? 27?? who cares... hepi bday aite broK?

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 7:36 AM

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