Thursday, July 07, 2005

smoking kills..

it's hard to destroy habit rite?? no matter how bad it is... it's hard dont u think so??

aiyahh!!~~ juz now there's alot of things i want to type out here.. but after login forgot all... need to take hot shower(again) to get the idea... getting ideas/plans during shower was recommended by fizza n yep it's true.. i hv to agree... showering is the best time for u to think wat u've done for the whole day... or plan wat u gonna do for the whole day...

everyone is hoping today is better than yesterday... but as far as i can see they are lacking of determination.. esp me.. wat i did was slack the whole day... n it is becoming an each day routine... it's bad i tell ya... i oso want a great life... bright future.. warm day.. bla bla bla... but as i said in the previous post, all i need is motivation...

ok another topik... being left alone when u needed someone.. it's really the worst case scenario ever imagined... be it ur "buah hati"(bf/gf)... frens... family... whoever... but they are juz not there... so wat will u do? break down n take away ur own life?? give up n juz take it as a fate?? or hold ur head up high n try ur very best to overcome the situationon ur own?? yep i know that when we do it all alone we tend to do more mistakes.. but mistakes are there not to disheartened u but to make u stronger...

i got no more ideas.. all this "crap" is cause by smoking so dont smoke n stress urself.. hehehehehe.... n yeah i got a new taggy!!!

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 1:31 AM

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