Monday, August 29, 2005


ok fyi inside my unigraphics lab... so stress abt the diagram we are suppose to do... haiz.. dis is our project.. but stupidly.. we only can do at skool at a specific lab.. haiz... but it's oklah.. i just need to assemble the wheel to the body.. hehehe...

n yeah for dis module theory got test next monday.. haiz.. there's also french test on monday.. there's ALOT of tests next week!!! afah!!! now help me im in ur shoes now!!! hehehe... n my exams is like next 2 weeks?? haiz.. really have no confidence.. the least is i will get a D dis sem... hahahaha.. D for donkey n donkey is stupid...

really2 stress when all the projects are compile!! haiz.. who want to help me hire an assasin to kill me??? at least i donno who kill me... hehehehe... n is not call suicide rite?? so sick of modules... studies.. exams... tests.. all there is about skool!!!! faster lah holiday!!! hehehehe....

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 4:15 PM

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