Monday, August 15, 2005

Very Tired

im very tired frm friday till now like dont want to go to skool juz now... wat i did?? let me tell u k???

it all begins one fine friday evening where my fren called to ask me out cycling at to meet me at 10pm at my void deck... after meeting him we cycled to eunos to meet the others.. after the others arrive we cycled to ecp.. yep went there to eat n slack.. n then went to eunos to disturb one of the 7-11 staff there.. n her name is mas.. hehehehe... funny lah.. n then frm eunos cycled to tamp.. n then went to one of my fren's place to wait for the sun to rise.. at 9 am we went to "tasik" a self made track.. n we went there to repair the jumps.. at 12.30pm went to csh(a bike shop) to repair a fren's bike.. n then cycle home at 3.30pm on saturday...

too tired to go out dat day... so fall asleep.. n had some misunderstandings wif my dad... it's my fault i knew.. but ppl makes mistakes rite? hehehehe... yeah yeah i know.. excuses rite?? hehehehe...

then sunday went to see firewerks.. nice! but too crowd lah... after that went to cavana for dinner n went straight home...

-the end-

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 9:40 AM

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