Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ways To Destress...

y suddenly abt destressing??? bcos it seems that ALL my frens are stress... deadlines near... exams near.. test... assignments... projects... these werds are great in demoralising... make u stress and all.. heheheh.. let me test my talent of becoming a counsellor(what???)

1) common for all.. go to some beaches to shout.. shout just anything... "AAAAaaaAAa!!" or "*vulgarities*" or anything else that can make u feel the burden is lifted(singlish) from u...

2) common for guys... smash anything u can lay ur hands on.. just try not to hurt anyone k?? but if u need someone to hurt just gimme a beep..

3) sleep.. yep.. it werks for me... when u wake up frm sleep yes u do will feel tired but u will feel brand new and all ur worries are gone wif the dreams u had in ur sleep..

4) relax ur mind... do wat u like e.g. cycling, go window shopping wif ur frens, hang out wif ur frens n talk sometink not related to studies.. basically anything that u wish to do.. so when u are happy ur mind is too..

5) vent it on ur blog if u r a blogger.. write it out n burn it... it's fun i tell u...

that's all... gimme a beep if u want more... the key word is actually "be strong".. face it.. n take everything as a challenge...

ok back to myself.. just now went to skool.. chill out n then went to the dialog wif professor yaakob ibrahim n the other malay MPs.. it's abt future thingy which i dont quite like so i just sit back n hear... but i was part concentrating oni... it bores me to death! no lah.. can still survive... the funny thing is im the only guy in berms(bermudas)... so paisey hor!..

then met zainal at mcD... he was alone... talk for a while n then went to see the silat mates train.. the twins are there.. dani n dina.. dina is older by 5 minutes... hehehehe... n yeah we called one DINOsaur n DINAsaur... donno y.. fadh gave the name...

just giving a tots.. wat will happen if u talk w/o thinking??? wont u tend to hurt others?? wont u eventually say the wrong werds?? wont u be hated for that?? maybe i did sometink wrong or say sometink wrong??? i donno... it seems like... ok notink...

Trust Is Hard To Gain But Losing It Is Easy

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