Monday, August 01, 2005

yeah!! finish wif hols..

in a few hours i'll be back in skool taking my tests that i have not study one bit... ahuh.. nice rite? the 1st test is at 8 n the 2nd one is at 10.. yep yep.. havent studied for both.. gonna chiong tonite until 3 or 4 am.. hahaha...

just now went to a dikir barat comp.. it was nice lah.. nice clothing nice ppl n nice performance put up by all the grp that competating.. but i dont like the result of the competition.. it's predictable!! yep wat kind of result is predictable?? dikir politiks.. ahuh... the winner is none other then kelana purba... y? bcoz they won many times... so they are the popular ones to see popular team loses is like some kind of a miss.. so that's it... the winner.. predictable n yeah i hate it...

n then after that went to p.ris park to celebrate my bday.. ahuh it was fun lah.. nice cake bought by my cuz really appreciate it.. it was like a brownie but more nicer n it's a cake!! ahakz.. i cant finish all tho.. so we decided to give some of them to strangers.. ahuh... strangers.. but i got something in return.. $6! ahakz they said it was an ang pow frm them... i was at 1st reluctant to take it but it was deep in my palm to give it back i accept it.. thanks aunty!!!

n then went str8 home.. n better start studying..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 1:03 AM

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