Sunday, September 25, 2005


spent half of the day today on a motorbike..

just now went to a wedding reception with the team! yeah.. but there's other grp too.. such as Mercy, Qirana, Budak Nakal, Havana, Kerabat n many more.. not forgetting our "BIG BROTHER" Qiara, n us "SetiaKawan".. total there are 12 grps all together n there are like 100+ bikes.. can u guys imagine the noise n the smell?? but it was so much fun ah...

the 1st trip from tamp(groom's place) to toa payoh(bride's place) was a bit messy coz all the bikers go their own pace.. but during the journey from toa payoh to tamp... it was so fun!!! 100+ bikes in one lane.. u can hear alot of "blowing" and see some stunts(some did the superman thingy n some swap pilions while going like 90km/h) i have to agree that it's really dangerous...

but before meeting "the team" i saw an accident happen rite infront of me.. a poor "pakcik"(uncle) got overtaken by a big lorry.. the "pakcik" was riding a vespa.. he goes wobbling n then fell.. i ran to him.. but luckily there's other ppl to help.. i got really scared n felt like skipping the convoy n just stay at home.. i just hope that the "pakcik" is ok..

that's all for today/tonite/tonoon/tomorning/tomidnight... take care

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