Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hepi Checher's Day..

1st and foremost.. i wld like to wish hepi teacher's day to all esp teachers who read my blog(ada ker?) really appreciate their sacrifices... their patience.. their willingness to teach... how i miss my teachers... ustazahs.. ustazs... sir... all lah..

actually i miss my sec sch days.. hmmm.. all bz as A level is coming... n then they are off to their heart desires destinations... at least there's no NS to hold them back frm their dreams.. as for me.. 2 years are spent in NS... after that then i can go continue werking on my dreams...

btw later today i got a presentation... yep will be wearing formal up to 7.. haiz.. it will be such a long day as i satrt at 8am and most probably will finish at 7pm... with formal clothing!! argh it can be really unconfortable! oh yah abt the presentation.. guess wat?? i donno wat to present... y??? bcoz all the info is wif my fren... so the least i can do is be spontanious(hope so) to present... i need to pass dis! coz i hate the things we are suppose to do.. haiz!!!

im slacking but at least i manage to read a couple of pages frm the lecture notes.. need to study lah.. nxt week will be "test week".. ahuh*nodding*... actually there's no such thing as test week but each day for next week there will be a test.. but i got 2 tests on monday!!! time is so limited to study!!!! so how??

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