Monday, September 05, 2005

Living The Life Of Other...

Greetings Blog readers/Bloggers..

Just wanna share with a tot ah.. warning.. im not pissed off or anything.. it's just that it bothers me alot.. here it goes..

As u all know(or some of u dont) i used to be... yep i stressed the werd used to be the second son in my family.. i tink being 2nd son is hard.. but when ur sibling that are elder than u passed away.. it's getting even harder... especially me..

1st a 2nd son to the eldest son has a lot of different in responsibilities.. at least being a 2nd son/daugther u have someone to look up too.. but as the 1st it's really hard to do trial and error so that ur younger siblings wont do the same mistakes.. and to get the respect from younger siblings is very hard... even if u try to respect them.. they dont even intend to respect u..

2nd the 1st late bro/sis unfulfilled dreams(this is wat i wanna type about).. for u guys info.. i took the course im taking now not bcoz of my own will.. but bcoz of my mom.. my late bro didnt get to graduate.. so she told me to get the diploma that my brother took.. so not to upset her i took altho i have no interest at all in it.. but the problem is.. my late bro also have another dream which is to continue his ukhrawi(religous) studies after NS.. but not me... i have other dream! yes i do have one... but my mom insisted on me following his plans.. is like im living my bro.. i feel like im not here... im just a guy who fulfilled other dreams.. i have my own dreams.. haiz... i just dont want to upset my mom... i also dont want to upset myself...

i juz hope i can fulfill her dreams.. his dreams.. and all of their dreams.. i tink mine will be fulfill in a long tym...

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