Tuesday, September 13, 2005


just now was suppose to study with them at NYP library.. but sori guys.. need to attend sometink at kolam ayer c.c.. and then my fren ask me to watch the longest yard.. ok let's talk abt the movie.. 1st of all sori for those who havent watched n for them they may leave coz i will post ALL abt the movie(nk step jadi movie critik ah)

the movie stars adam sandler as paul crewe.. a football player who was banned for 6 years for erm.. wat's the werd to use.. "kelong" hahah.. then he was put into prison for drink driving n runaway from police.. he was sentenced 3 years imprisonment.. there he met the warden who ask him for help as his team of guards are not winning the championship for 5 years.. so crewe suggested that he(the warden) have a friendly between the guards but the warden gave him(crewe) 4 weeks(think so) to assemble a them of prisoners to play against the guards..

in the prison crewe met caretaker(chris rock).. caretaker who is like a supplier to all the prisoners.. he can get everything even mcDonalds.. hahaha.. n "gerls"... then both of them assemble the players who are not that gd... then they met dis old man(forgot his name) who wanted to coach the team.. they then get into all the prisoners biodata to get the defends for the team... ahuh it include goldberg.. and rhyno if im not mistaken... but then the team is lack of runner(the offence)..

crewe then meet the basketball players who 1st doesnt like crewe.. so crewe set a deal.. he plays one on one with the capt of the team.. if he wins he gets them to play football for him but if he loses he will leave them in peace.. so he played n the capt of the team so called cheated.. but the end of the one on one he gets nugget(nelly) to be his runner.. nelly is one fast guy! he can run without any shoes on..

one day nelly get's bullied in the prison library by the guards n so the capt(basketball team) n frens join the football team.. they are really gd... so as days went by.. practice all day.. n then comes the actual day... the game was held at one of the skool in texas.. at 1st the crowd boo-ed at the convicts(prisoners) who call themselves "mean machine" then while they(the guards n the convicts) are at the same score.. the warden met crewe and made him lose the match..

being a self-centered guy he agreed.. n so he left his team to play on their own.. n then he relise that it was the team who had made him be himself and made him feel in a family.. so he played but the team was so angry at him and let the guards tackle him.. woohooo... it was a fearsome tackle i shld say.. but he got up n played all roles(quaterback.. runner) all by himself.. then he apologised to his teammates n they won! woohooo!!~~

ok dah abis!! so dont forget to watch the movie... it is really great.. n yat gave it 4.5/5 n yep i have to agree.. with the message behind the movie.. it deserve 4.5...

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