Thursday, October 27, 2005


not online on msn n erm.. not blogging for few days.. hehehe.. wat i did? notink actually... just dont feel like logging on anymore... wat's the use if i feel like nobody's online... so it's the same thing online or not...

annother thing.. i think im not suit to be a son.. y i said so?? just feel that i've never make my parents proud... some bring back medals.. some did well in their studies.. some do this.. some have talents..

my late bro ever get top in class for 3 years straight... n then another 2 years in secondary sch.. me?? hahah.. not even close to top 10... even the diploma i get wont make my parents proud coz it's the course of my late bro.. i donno when can i do all of that... haiz...

i donno wat else... take care then..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 6:34 PM

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