Wednesday, October 19, 2005


1. Whose picture do you keep on your wallet ?
* mine n yusoff ishak's

2. What time do you go to bed ?
* i dont look n the tym when im asleep..

3. What was the last thing you did before this ?
* munching n mugging

4. Who's the one you always meet the most ?
* my parents n those who live in the same roof as me

5. Who's the person you'll call if you need help ?
* 995 or 999.. they are great help

6. What's on your mind right now ?
* how to sleep peacefully n wake up early..

7. Who's number on your speed dials ?
* i donno..

8. With whom do you wanna be to have fun ?
* with everybody... young or old.. big or small.. let's have a great tym together

9. What movie do u wanna watch now ?
* now?? none.. it's late for a movie dont u tink?

10. When was the last time you went out ?
* just now..

11. What do you hate the most for now ?
* hate when i cant have my beauty sleep

12. When was the first time you slept alone?
* since.. erm.. my late bro pased away?

13. What do you wanna do for now?
* i want to sleep

14. What do you do everyday besides eat &
* breath

15. Fave pet ?
* none.. dont have any...

17. Colors that make you happy ?
* rainbow... excited..

18. Most fave thing in your room ?
* the door.. keeps me away from the world outside

19. Last thing you bought for your room?
* hmm.. notink.. i dont my parents do all the buying

21. Do you cook?
* instant noodles counted?

22. Miss someone?
* who is Miss Someone?? no idea sori..

23. Plan to buy something?
* plan to buy clothes..

24. Are you satisfied with your life now?
* notink to complain abt.. so yeah i am

25.Do you like seafood?
* no crabs plzz..

26.Breakfast or dinner?
* brunch..

27. What do you usually eat for breakfast?
* if im at skool.. hotdog bun.. if at home.. anytink that i feel like putting into me

28. Did you eat breakfast today?
* very early breakfast.. yes...

29. Do you recycle?
* not all things can be recycled rite?

30. Do you have a laptop?
* yep.. but in my parents' room..

31. What's your favorite fast food?
* burgers...

32. Cats or dogs?
* dogs.. but it's forbidden so ctas it is...

33. Salty or sweet?
* both... u cant have sweet asam pedas can u?? i wont taste nice

34. City or country?
* depends on the mood..

35. Is kissing normal for your age?
* is there any abnormal kiss?? hmmm

37. Are you athletic?
* dont tink so...

38. Do you swear?
* i pledge.. i dont swear..

39. Would you ditch your friends for a date?
* see who booked me 1st...

40. Do you have your own cell phone?
* i have both.. cells.. n phone..

41. What do you wear to bed?
* anything...

42. Ever had a crush on a teacher in high
* yeah... she's a hottie... but she dont teach me.. she taught the primary students..

43. Coke or pepsi?
* both taste the same.. dont see y i need to choose...

44. Sugar or spice?
* both n then add everything nice n chemical X... u know wat u'll get

45. Can you use chopsticks?
* ahuh..

46. Do you like to read for pleasure?
* i read when im bored

47. Do you care about getting good grades?
* yah..

48. Have you ever fallen asleep in class?
* always..

49. Get a job or ask your parents for money?
* both...

50. Is your dad strict?
* depends in the situation..

51. Do your parents give you enough privacy?
* ahuh..

52. Do your parents trust you?
* think so...

53. Would you trade places with your best
* im happy with wat i have..

54. Does your best friend get on your nerves?
* ppl make mistakes sometimes

55. Do you make friends quickly?
* think so..

56. Do you get jealous of your friends?
* in fact im happy for them..

57. Do you tell your mom everything?
* nope..

58. What do you & your parents fight about
* i dont fight with them.. i usually get the scolding.. no need to fight bcoz the end product will be the same.. they will scold me..

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