Wednesday, October 19, 2005


ok i forgot wat i wanna blog...

wat i remember is that i want ayam percik, kebab n erm.. corn drink!!!

nearly half way tru ramdahn.. wat have i done?? notink actually.. better ramadhan than the previous??? yah riteeee~~~

i guess im turning nocturnal(courtesy from afah?) ok my english bad lah... haha.. guess wat dis ramadhan i spent most of my daytime sleeping!! hahah.. n i spent my nitetym munching.. ahuh.. gain weight!! yeay!!!

actually im lyk crapping with my fingers to type this blog.. who ever who read dis entry i would like to congratulate all for reading my crappiness n my siau-ness...

hope can wake up early as i need to be at the mosque at 3.. imagine i wake up n 2 n then bath until 2.30 n then siap2(getting ready) until 2.45.. i cant possibly reach there within 15 mins.. so.. got to wake up at 1.30... yeay!! heheh still gd afternoon for me..

i cant sleep!!! am i having insomnia?? dont think so lah.. there's alot of things i want.. alot i want to do.. alot i want to have my hands on.. alot lah!!! missing someone terribly... who? i oso donno.. just type lah to make u guys curious.. nobody in particular... aiyooo!!! wat the heaven am i typing??

congratulations u have read the most stupeed blog ever created..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 12:42 AM

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