Saturday, October 01, 2005

Feel Bad

sometimes i feel really bad when i talk sarcastically to my frens.. i know it's irritating.. but i just cant help it... maybe if i just shut up.. it will be better.. sori to those whom ive offended...

but.. it feel really great!! hahah... someone even call me his mentor.. i try to change k?? i hope i can.. hmmm.. it has been my habit but ill try... since fasting month is nearing i just got to shut my mouth n not to hurt others..

like wat i just typed.. fasting month is nearing.. hope dis year i could fast the whole month... got to be strong.. i just hope my immune system is strong enuff to make me fast the whole month..

during fasting month surely will be beezee... shopping for raya that is.. hahah... no lah im not into the kind of shopping or new things during each n every raya.. im thankful wif wat i have.. i dont mind wearing the same old "baju kurung" for the festive season.. sometimes i tink it's wasting money for the new clothes and all.. imagine u have these 3 sets of baju kurung.. for example one is red one is green and the other is yellow(dah mcm traffic lite).. for the 1st day raya u wear the red one and respectively... for another year u can wear like the other color.. ppl wont remember wat u wore for the last year rite??

anyways.. diff ppl diff views rite?? really hope sometink cld happen dis raya... i wish i wish with all my heart to fly with dragons in the land apart(taken from the cartoon dragon tales)

just now watched spongebob squarepants the movie.. yeah the movie is like long ago oredi.. but the movie is damn funny... especially

patrick: where's the road??
*echoing* road... road.. *echoing*
patrick: road.. road.. r.. ooppss sori..

get it?? the echoing is made by patrick!!! hahahahaha... cant imagine having a fren like patrick.. ehehh

oklah that's all bye bye...

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 12:50 AM

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