Wednesday, October 12, 2005

it's all abt the past

to zara n yat.. i feel bad coz as a fren a cant do anything.. just that to make u guys smile.. n hepi n not worry abt all the things just yet.. be hepi coz wat ever happen have it's reasons.. btw just wanna tell u guys and all of my frens or all those who are reading dis.. Im ALL Ears! im always here whenever u need me.. im here to listen to ur sorrows and pain..

just put wat the past behind.. n live the fullest in the present.. n be prepared to face the future... always make each and everyday better from the previous ones.. that way u will feel a satisfaction.. dont just put an aim for years ahead.. but put an aim for the next day.. wat u want to achieve? it's all in ur head..

who wont miss their loved ones?? i do too.. but i think they will be happier if we move on.. hmm.. got this from a fren "Life is like cycling.. u wont fall unless u stop paddling".. simple werds with deep meanings..

appericiate wat u have rite now.. strive for the better.. i hope all who know me.. lead into a hepi life.. either u are fren or foe... i just want u to lead a happy life.. i just want u to be happy.. sori to say this... but if i go.. dont cry for me.. just pray n move on.. PLS... future are there to be unfold.. ur destiny is yet to be searched.. remember dis.. u set ur own destiny.. u set ur own future.. so be strong to face wat lies ahead.. coz beyond that will be sometink to smile about...

enuff blabbing.. NYPMS n MCG will organize iftar(breaking fast) on the 19 October 2005 at Muttaqin mosque.. the tym will be 5pm.. so all are invited...

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 1:58 AM

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