Thursday, October 13, 2005


i donno y the heaven i put the topic like that.. anyways.. break fast outside just now with the "brothers" ahuh.. that's wat we called ourself(tink so).. b4 breaking fast we watched the movie 4 brothers.. ahuh it was great show ah.. 4.5/5... go watch n find out urself wat it's all abt..

then break our fast at Niakmath Restaurant.. is just like a coffee shop actually indian style.. break our fast with pratas!! heheh ate plaster n cheese.. wee! my fav.. n then went to bedok for a lil while then str8 home...

when reached home watched the anime movie appleseed.. a great anime i shld say.. animatrix plus erm.. donno wat else.. the storyline was great too.. suitable for zainal as he always wanted to watch highly intelectual movies.. so i shld recommend this movie to him.. hmm let's see wat shld i type it's all abt..

it's abt a werld called Olympus.. where human(real ones) n clone humas live side by side.. but the clone ones is controlled by this AI(artificial inteligence) they named it GAIA.. n this GAIA have no emotions or feelings so it's helped by this so called 7 elders to put feelings n emotions for GAIA.. so the story goes as humans tend to have all kinds of emotion espicially hate, anger which will lead to war.. so the elders decide that it will be more sufficient if the humans(clone ones) don't have much emotions in them.. they dont feel love.. ahuh love.. the greatest feeling ever i shld say.. n they cant have sex too.. as their reproductive-donno-wat-i-forgot-oredi.. have been taken out..

watched it urself to know further.. to those who dont understand i dont blame u.. i took me full of my concentration to fully understand the story.. but it's more simple to understand than animatrix.. or matrix itself..

i tink i shld get my sleep.. or else.. hahaha.. u know wat i mean..

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