Monday, October 31, 2005


let's see wat have i done on saturday... woke up at ard 9.30 am.. yep it's early.. but since that day was going to JB wif my family.. yep my mom been complaining abt me not having the tym for the family as im always bz wif frens n skools.. nyehehehe...

so we went to woodlands checkpoint n yep it's jammed! i think due to deepa-raya celebration coming up.. so all either wanna go back to their "kampung" or shopping for the preparations... reached JB ard 1 plus.. then walk walk... shop shop.. until 5.30.. 1st my parents decide just to break fast there.. but the restaurant only sell murtabak, beriyani rice, n pratas for breaking fast... so little lah the choice.. so decided to by some buns at "seasons" n pretzels at aunty anne's.. n proceed to homeland..

guess wat.. we broke our fast in the car as heading home also jam.. aiya.. once during a JB trip i think 3 years back or 4 years back.. we broke fast behind the car.. yep literally.. at the car park n behind the car.. heheh ramadhan memories to tell my grandchildren i guess.. heheh..

then went to an-nur to perform our prayers.. then we headed to orchard for sometink.. n window shop a lil.. n yep got to save up for dis shoe at limited edt. vault.. it's either the shoe or adidas superstar jacket..

then went to simpang bedok or bedok corner to have our meal.. there, sometink interesting happen.. u know touting?? or i spelled it wrongly.. but yeah, it's when the worker specifies on where to sit to order only at their shop n cannot order at the order shop... ok did i explained clearly?? if not, go to simpang bedok urself to understand wat i mean.. back to the story.. my dad got pissed off n the workers are like so scared.. it's so funny lah for me... then they like become so polite.. nyeheheh.. i had fried maggi.. it's so nice!! but then again i ordered one plaster prata n cheese prata.. end up got to packed it n make it for sahur.. as im full..

as for today.. i did notink.. slacked at home.. break-fast with a ramly burger.. heheh.. n john's bread(roti john)... n yet im not sleepy! argh!

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