Saturday, November 05, 2005

After 2 days of celebration..

1st and foremost.. to jannah.. comment is now click-able.. heheh.. sori lah lambat sgt nk buat die click-able.. talking abt comment.. erm.. wat's the dif between the comment link n taggie?? u can leave ur comment on the taggie kan?? anyways.. i have both.. hahah

after 2 days of raya.. i covered.. erm.. 5 houses in total.. heheh.. lil family? no.. it's just that there's no enuff tym.. my mom gotto werk on the 1st day of raya.. so we leave house ard.. erm.. 2 pm.. or 3.. n then went to granddad's place.. n then to gramdma's place(my dad's side) n slack there for hours!! n then to my uncle's place.. n then home we go as my mom need to werk the next morning as well n need rest..

for 2nd day.. same thing went out at ard 2 plus.. went to erm.. i tink shenton way.. where the offices are there.. to collect my dad's car's road tax.. n then went to harbour front for our brunch.. we ate at breeks... the food was OK-LAH.. ate melted chicked patie.. then went to my grandaunt's.. n then to another grandaunt's and then home as my dad need to work at 10 pm n my mom nid to wake up at 4am later..

so later.. donno how.. where going.. or... hmmm... someone msg me during malam raya.. i think wat she said was true.. we go to our cuzs' place.. then the forgive n forget session.. then after that we start to "gossip" abt them.. then the next year the same cycle will happen again.. dont u think sometimes life is boring?? how to make things new?? ask the grandparents to come to our house?? that's new.. nobody have ever done dat b4..

hope there will be a happier aidilfitri for everyone who's celebrating.. take care.. enjoy the kuehs..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 2:55 AM

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