Thursday, November 24, 2005

After A Long Tym

sori for not updating that often.. not that notink been happening just that.. my mind is not on the right track and i just cant think clearly.. yeah sometink is bothering me but i donno wat.. depression? maybe.. hahah "depression is treatable" hahah

ok watched harry potter oredi.. on the 16 nov.. the movie.. hmm oklah.. the effect all that was great but it didnt really show cedric, viktor, fleur n cho that much.. it's just like they are extras not co-stars.. n erm.. i think it's hard for the non-readers of harry potter to actually understand wat is happening.. n yeah dumbledoor/dumbledor is suppose to be more like an old man n calm n donno wat.. it's just that the new actor for that role is TOO energetic for an old man.. the way he speak the way he act.. hmm.. it's just not convincing enuff.. 3.5 from me..

notink much happen after that day except of going jalan-raya wif the sec skool frens.. hmm.. fun? oklah not that fun.. maybe i was tired? or maybe sometink else.. then after dat no more interesting happen.. mostly go out wif the family to open house n all.. wedding receptions.. that the most of it lah..

then post-exams celebration.. ahuh.. with the A-level takers n O-level.. played bowling.. it was fun i shld say.. in the 1st game the top player was a fren who's a gerl.. heheh ego! no lah she was gd i shld say.. she played consistently... nah further more all there played just to have lots of fun n laffter.. not to beat each other.. heheh...

n yeah today brings me to smile widely.. my sis passed her PSLE... im proud of her.. altho it's not as gd.. but at least she passed! n will be promoted to sec 1 next year... im so proud.. altho im not the one teaching her.. hahah.. then for celebrating i suggest makan at swensens.. hahah 1st tym having a meal at swensens.. usually will only be eating ice cream there.. today with appetisers, meal n desserts! heheh im hepi.. but yeah mind still bothering...

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