Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hari Kemenangan

after a month of fasting(29 days to be precise) we are going to celebrate hari raya puasa or eidul fitri.. im excited yet sad too..

excited to eat all those kuehs n all those foods n all those on the tables... hehe.. not forgetting "ang pow".. nah will not receive dat many dis year but still i will still receive it altho not many.. to celebrate it wif family n frens n love ones..

sad bcoz.. dis year is my 1st year celebrating hari raya w/o my grandmama.. last year w/o my bro.. n this year w/o both.. it's sad.. wonder if all my cuz will still come here 1st.. and im sad bcoz the holy month has ended.. the month where we feel the pain and suffering of those who is poor and those who "takde kemampuan"..

it's gonna be a totally different thing for me.. usually.. after the 1st day of visitting.. my grandmama will wait for our return.. n will enter my room just to ask "byk koleksion nari? kalau byk mintak lah sikit".. heee.. those werds.. how i miss them.. how she will hug me n kiss my cheeks when i ask her for her forgiveness.. her blessing.. how i feel the tears roll down my cheeks.. hers n mine..

n my bro.. not forgetting him... he's the one who is always there for me.. the one to share.. the one who i had fun with... during raya.. surely we will go to the prayers together.. having fun on the way to the mosque... i remembered last 2 years(our final year celebrating together).. we didnt go to the same mosque as he was riding his bike n me wif my dad.. i reached home 1st.. n while watching the teebee.. he came to me n said "adik tgk ni.." he showed his bruises as he just fell from the bike.. n i asked "mcm mane leh gitu?" he said "tkde.. tadi abg nk peng seposen(corner baring) abe ada minyak so ter lajak ah.." know wat? i laffed n asked "kat ane?" he said "kat carpack tadi" i burst out laffing n said "tu lah nk peng2 lagi.. kalau ada sposen kat rd tu nk kutip takpe gak" n we both laff.. n when i ask for his forgiveness.. the last advise he gave was "ape2 yg adik tau abg buat tu tak btol.. adik jgn.." see.. how concern he was towards me..

Oh Allah.. plz bless both of them and place them in the place where u promise happiness.. Plz.. forgive all their sins.. wat they have done during their lives..

btw Selamat Hari Raya to All.. Maaf zahir n batin..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 7:35 PM

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