Monday, November 28, 2005

In The Lab part deux

not concentrating as usual.. but i symphatize the lecturer he's like talking all alone while the others bz with their own stuffs.. n me?? hehehe.. online comic does the trick..

since naruto online manga has not been updated for quite awhile.. i changed to reading fullmetal alchemist.. it's abt.. two brothers who study alchemist from books.. then they lost their mother.. to see her mother smile once again, they try to transmute human being(their mother)... as a result.. the younger brother loses his body n the older brother loses his right arm and left leg..

so the youger brother(Alphonse) live with only a soul and an armor for a body.. the big brother(Edward) promised Alphonse to restore their body back as normal.. so there.. their journey begins!!

wat i like abt this manga is the brotherly love.. from one brother to another... it's so nice.. n im so jealous!! hehehe.. they like have only each other to depend on.. not like siblings nowadays.. they have frens.. which sometimes they put ahead of their own siblings or even families..

Frens Come n Go But Family Remains FOREVER

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 7:36 PM

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