Sunday, November 27, 2005

Too Much and Notink Is The Same

i shld have been asleep long tym ago but nah still here typing this donno wat.. lately been sleeping late.. but it's ok.. i rarely sleeps early.. hehehe..

i shld say.. too many or too much means the same as notink.. for example.. wind.. too much of wind will cause natural disasters i.e the hurricane.. it's the same as no wind at all.. it will be humid n hot.. too many or notink at all will bring the disadvantages of evrything..

so i guess.. ive just have too much of sometink.. until myself cannot control and made my life depress... wat's that sometink? i dont tink i shld type it here.. n plz.. dont bother to ask me either.. i would not answer unless someone who i feel that i wanna tell then i tell.. if not.. then im sori.. it's just hmm how shld i put it? too personal?

just now went to my grandunt's place as there's an open house.. ate some noodles n bone steak! weee!~~ nice! super nice.. if u want bone steak that beats beach rd's.. order from my grandaunt.. heheh.. then went home to change to baju raya as me n my family was going to a perjumpaan hari raya at pasir ris.. the guest of honour is Mr. Teo.. the ministry of defence n.. erm.. forgot.. the show was.. OK-LAH.. the emcee was like talking alone.. the food is not spicy.. not malay dish at all.. but i give it 3/5 for the effort n the malay dancers.. heheheh...

so just a phrase of advice "Just Do it but dont Overdo or Underdo it"

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 1:48 AM

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