Sunday, December 11, 2005

3 More n Im Bored


a place or a thing which i store all my junk in it and a one man's face..

it always comes in a pair..

[favourite shirt]
it's in black in color, with short sleeves and some werding on the front

how to describe MY piercing if i dont have one..

it can change color.. REALLY.. one momoent in look black.. another moment dark brown.. and at one point of time it'll become white..

[make up]
-my make up?? make up classes too many to talk abt.. stupid holidays on a skool day.. how troublesome

[something you're looking forward to in the
upcoming months]
hmm.. alot.. but yeah... let's take it one at a time

[something that you are deathly afraid of?]

[do you believe in love]
what's IN love? believe love exist.. yes i do.. but IN LOVE.. that i donno..

[do you believe in forgiveness]
Of Coz.. if there's isnt any.. all ppl will live their life with sins

[favorite food?]
my fav food is sometink that is not from grain.. but it's a carbo.. make a guess!

[is there something you wish you could understand
i wish i could understand "better"

[my father thinks i am]
a son

[my mother thinks i am]
a subtitute for my older bro

[my siblings think i am]
annoying brother hahah

[best qualities]
alot ley! how to type.. lazy u know..

[worst qualities]
i like to.. to.. erm.. let me guess.. irritate? disturb? wah alot oso

[i get embarrassed when]
walk ard sg without unzipping

[what makes me happy]
chocolate.. try eating it when u r stress

[disgust me]

[you like to cook ]
i like to cook but i just cant

[you have a secret you have not shared with
Dont we all?

[last song you listened to]

[last person you've called]
cant remember

[last person that called you]

[last person u sms]
a fren

[last TV show you've watched]
cant remember

[last time you drink]
just now.. and then the bottle fell wet the floor with.. cold ice water..

[Do you like roller coasters]
Yes but after the incident at escape... a bit scared i guess

[Do you have a crush on somebody]
i dont crush them.. i bump into them

[Have you ever lied to someone]
Dont we all?

[Have you ever been in a fist fight]
yes yes.. a lont tym ago with... oh i forgot.. wat i remembered was.. it was a dream

[Have you ever been arrested]
arrested NO.. screened YES

[shampoo do you use]
Nature n Body Works.. hahah.. only can get in states.. *hint hetty*

[what do you notice first in a guy/girl]
that he/she is a guy or a gerl

[makes you laugh the most]
ppl dying.. hahah.. kidding k?

[last time you were totally free]
hey.. i got my own price k??

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