Tuesday, December 06, 2005

6 more posts to 200...

if combine with my old blogs post... it will be like 200++++... hehehe.. just loving it!~~

just now thanks to edlinda!~ sanggup sey die turun skola semater2 nak jumpa aku!~~ hahah terharu biru sey.. then went lepak with her n zainal n fizah n shahrul.. heheh.. takde koje lah org kater... sori ed tk dpt lepak ngan ko n story pepanjang.. dlm bus memadai kan kan kan..

btw alot of things i learn.. hehehe.. donno how to describe but it will make me think alot.. yep i really mean alot..

that has come back!! yep.. that.. no no.. not love.. but erm.. migrain!!~~ aarrghh!~ hate it.. turning my head upside down.. feel like jumping out the window head 1st.. heheh.. but panadol is in the kitchen to the rescue!!! weee!~~

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