Friday, December 02, 2005


received an email from a fren.. abt a bird which was hit by an oncoming car when he/she is trying to get food lay on the road.. then came his/her spesis try to wake her up n try to lift her.. but cars keep coming so the bird flew up n constantly landed alongside the dead bird n constantly try to lift him/her..

by this email i feel that even birds(animals) have that symphaty for their own kind.. we humans? wat did we do when other countries are having war? do u even feel pity for them? oklah.. maybe u will say.. "hey i dont know them".. but yeah try to find a fren to cry with u when u are down.. a fren who willing to hear bits n pieces of ur life.. a fren who constantly wet their shoulders with ur tears.. can u? maybe u found one.. a tru fren indeed.. but imagine u r in a life death situation.. will ur fren come n rescue u? will they? oklah.. maybe they will say "frens are just frens.. they are not family"

now look at the world now.. even some sons dont even admit his own father.. y? bcoz his father is old.. forgetful.. creating alot of problems in his(the son's) household.. send their parents to old folks home.. so wat's that? still denying? there's an exceptional cases where their father is abusing them, gambling addict.. those ppl are not meant to be forgiven.. but those who really seek for their children attention... hmm..

just afraid.. afraid that selfishness will take over.. afraid that nobody will be on nobody's back to support him/her.. afraid that the near future ppl will only think abt them and them only.. afraid that frens are just places to go when they are bored.. afraid dat all senior citizens will end up in old folks home.. afraid that.. i'll be the person i mention above!

im just afraid..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 12:28 AM

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