Saturday, December 31, 2005

Please Not Infront Of Me

yep.. every year there's sometink bad will surely happen.. let me recap.. on my 17th bday i lost my grand-aunt.. n yeah it's on my bday date itself.. on my 18th year of living.. i lost my bro.. on my 19th year.. i lost my granny.. and dis coming new year.. i tink i will lose a sight of one hepi family..

b4 this.. i will not be bothered by married couple who quarelled.. yeah it's like their own bisnes n their own family they are handling.. but after wat happen.. i feel sad for married couple who fought bcoz of the slightest thing they tend to make it very big.. argh!!!

seriously.. until one point of tym i feel like not marrying.. but yeah.. a man need a woman that's y god created a gerl n a boy, a man and a woman, ladies and gentlemen.. haiz!~.. plz.. there still ways to safe a marriage.. there's still ways to sort things out.. not by yelling at each other and ask the other party to just shut up.. haiz!~

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 12:30 AM

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