Sunday, January 22, 2006

Gd Morning EvryONE!!!

look at the tym.. look at the tym this post is typed.. hahaha.. see yesterday sleep too early n then wake up very early n now couldnt go back to sleep.. next tym no more early nites for me.. haiz~

1st n foremost:


yep.. yesterday is her bday.. n bcoz i got performance.. i cant celebrate.. im really sorry ibu.. :'(

yesterday my performance was delayed from 11.45 am to 1.45 pm.. hahah.. we got to wait for 2 hours b4 our performance.. y?? bcoz we were late to go to the mainstage.. hahaha.. "janji melayu"... but this tym round the performance is better than the thursday one... btw the pic on top is the costume we wear..

toking abt pic.. dah lame kan tk post2 pic kat bloggy ni.. hmmm.. it's either malas nak upload.. or dah tkde gambar lagi ni tunjuk.. if u still wanna see my pics.. u can click HERE

oklah that's all.. nk bobok!!! nyehehehehe... gd pagi!~

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 6:26 AM

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