Friday, January 06, 2006


im tired.. really am.. tired of everything.. studying.. getting lazier n lazier.. cca activities in skool.. dont say lah.. n everything else in life.. but wat im most tired of is being a fren..

yes true.. im tired of being a fren.. give them shoulder to cry on.. shower them with care.. lend listening ears.. give them advice.. keeping their secrets.. i donno.. is that wat a fren do??

yes i like being inquisitive(did i use the werd correctly) but hey! dont take the advantage of pouring all on me.. yes i might be there to help u.. infact im always there.. but ask urself will u be there for a fren in need??

im tired of being a shelter when the rain comes and left abandoned when the sun shows up again.. i just want to be treated fairly.. frens laff and cry together.. not went u have probs u come and leave when u are hepi.. not that.. let's share those happiness together.. the more the merrier i shld say..

im tired of being the one who always look for ppl.. im tired of trying to keep the bond between us alive.. but u guys.. did u guys even put the slightest effort for us to enjoy our lives together?? oh yah.. i forgot.. u guys got other commitments rite?? bike.. werk.. gf.. i dont mind all that.. but u guys tend to blame me for being quiet.. wat? u expect me to look for u guys every now n then??? when u guys dont even bother whether im alive or not???

im jealous of my late bro.. he really got the real fren.. the fren in need.. the fren who is always there for him.. the fren who will remember him the rest of their lives..

but wat the hell.. im not him.. im just the plain, stupid, ugly muhaimin.. haiz!~

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 1:55 AM

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