Monday, January 09, 2006

In The Lab (Again)

havent start lesson but the lecturer is here.. but wat the hell even if he's here i never concentrate.. herhehehehe...

now im influenced to become a teacher.. u know y?? watched dangerous minds on saturday.. it's nice!!! super nice.. 4.5/5... it's an old movie but i donno y i decided to watch it only now.. maybe because there's none i know have the cd.. and only now they decided to show the movie on teebee when im home.. u gotto watched it guys n gerls.. it's super nice...

oh yah.. forget to wish Muhammad Sufiyan and Laney a very hepi bday... maybe laney will read dis post.. maybe lah eh... pasal die tu tk tentu lagi...

n yeah.. my wireless connection at home got sometink wrong with it n i donno y.. haiz!~~ it always happens when i got a lot of project and alot of researching need to be done.. haiz!~ dengki ah!~ maybe my comp dont want me to graduate early.. hehehehe.. no lah cant say dat way.. if happen ah! i dont wanna waste another 6 months at dis boring skool..

talking about skool.. just now got several group of sec skool arrive at my skool to look ard lah.. n yeah.. they all like standing outside the class and we are inside.. like watching a skool of fishes inside the tank... n the funny thing is my fren can wave at them.. hahahaa... so not shy sia!~ but funny lah.. imagine u are inside the class doing ur werk.. and then a whole grp of student watching u frm outside.. kalau ada yg lawa tkpe jugak.. hahaahah

till here then... dont forget to miss me k?? hahahahaha

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 6:05 PM

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