Friday, January 20, 2006

Tk Nk Blog konon

i just cant not blogging lah.. heheh.. anyways.. yeah.. i dont care wat ppl think.. i live my life as my own.. now ill try to be strong.. stand on both of my feet/legs.. if u dont like my blog.. there's other webby u can go visit rite?? hahahaha

*hugs my monitor* how i miss u bloggy!!~~~ *muacks* hahahah ok LAME.. mcm nam french tch aku.. Didier LAME.. hahaha.. tapi it's pronouce as LAM not LAME(LEYM)... ok dah lame tk blog kan.. so karut2 sikit dulu ah.. muqaddimah lah kire.. nyehehehehehe

my fan in my room spoilt.. so everyday it's hot... when it's the rain season it's too cold to even on the fan.. but when the sun has rose again.. my fan dontt want to werk.. i donno y.. maybe majok ngan aku kot?? hahahah(kai kot lak dah mcm mesia)

did u notice there's always 3 lines per paragraph?? hahaha.. ok lame lame.. i know.. relax k?? sit back n njoy reading.. i tink i took ur 5 mins to read all this crap.. now let's begin the real thing..

last tuesday went to rp(republic polytechnic)'s open house.. at the new building.. at woodlands.. the new building isnt totally complete yet.. but there's portion of it where complete oredi n there's where the open house, booth and all is held.. 1st tym round.. we go n take the goodie bag.. yep.. it's impt to take that in every open house.. free stuffs n all.. n the we went str8 to level 2.. where it's jammed pack with sec sch students.. hahah.. really uncomfortable.. n bcoz of them we are like abandoned.. tk dilayan same sekali.. sad kan?? hahahah

then we went up to level 3.. there it's abit organized lah.. there's the SHL(sports, health and leisure,, i think), SEG(engineering), material science, applied scienced, biomed, biotech, alots more lah.. it's better lah really at level 3.. after deciding to call it a day.. we went down to level one(mcm bodoh kan, mestilah) n wnet to the booth where they give goodie bags.. n yep we got another bag.. not the plastic bag type of bag.. but bag literally.. it's nice~ n it's green!~ hahahah...

just now was the 1st day of nyp's open house n my 1st day of performance.. seriously.. the performance sux.. yep.. it sux to core.. the lead singer voice couldnt be heard.. n the beat are not clear enuff.. but yeah.. i havent visit my own open house.. hmm how shld i put it.. i havent ggot the tym to visit all the booth in nyp which made for the open house..

i think that's all.. it's long enuff for u guys..

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