Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My days at work

as u guys know i started working oredi... where?? read my story and u might know where.. ok here goes..

1st day.. got to report at 2.15 reached day ard 2 plus with my cuz as he was there for an interview where he suppose to go interview with me but he got sometink on so he went on my 1st day...

reached there.. went to the office.. get my uniform.. changed n just waited for the briefing to start.. before that my supervisor introduce me to all his crew.. yep.. get to know some of them.. so after the briefing and all.. i go to my station..

for the 1st day ive become the gatekeeper.. forgot to tell u.. im werking afternoon shift for my 1st day.. so.. being a gate keeper u nid to brief the guest b4 they enter.. and need to count the guest enter... it was nice being a gatekeeper.. u can see ALOT of ppl.. yep.. variaty of races.. hehehe

then work until 8.. then after packing up.. signing out.. i got to wait for another supervisor to do my thumbprint for cloking in.. yep we dont use punchcards.. hehehe.. then went to meet ed for ice cream break.. i was too tired for the 1st day.. reached home n sleep..

2nd day.. doing afternoon shift again.. at the same station.. reached at 2 with shahroum.. nice chap i shld say.. then briefing.. bla bla bla.. start my werk as a gatekeeper.. then.. at a point of tym.. i had to change with a fren of mine.. he become the gatekeeper n i become the "ghost" *hint hint*..

it was nice scaring ppl their ass off!~ hehehe.. but in a short period of tym u can be deaf as gerls scream their lungs out at ur ear!!! hahaha.. but it was fun.. got beaten quite a few tym but not hard lah.. but they shld not be touching ANYTHING! and at the end of the day.. we got ang pow!! weee!~

3rd day.. doing morning shift.. need to be there by 8.30 am.. and guess wat? im the 1st.. aiyoo.. my manager and supervisor reached ard 9.. haiz!~ but nevermind.. that day get to be a ghost again.. yeay!!! some even shit in their pants.. KIDDING! there's alot of guest dat day.. u know y?? it's chinese new year!!! so tired of scaring ppl!~

4th day.. my worst day.. i do full shift!.. from morning till nite.. argh!!1 it's so tiring!~ haiz!~ but it's ok.. it was fun anyway.. yeay!! same process happen.. just that some children keep enter repeatingly!!! so bored to scare them!!! so just sit there and look at them.. *yawns*

now today.. back to skool... yeay!! and ill be werking morning shift dis sat..

so guess where i werk oredi???

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 9:22 AM

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