Monday, February 06, 2006

No More 'Ghost'

my 6th day of werking.. yep2.. n im loving it.. wee!~ heheh.. as u read my title.. yep. im no more a ghost.. but im already a train.. erm.. train.. erm.. ok ok my vocab is limited.. i just the one who control the train.. hheehe.. yep.. i got to stand in the burning hot sun.. but it's ok.. had alot of fun.. n see alot of kids.. weee!~ will be doing the train again saturday..

ive been wondering.. just after i started werking.. and awhile after i watch russell peters video.. y do ppl get entertain by insulting others?? is not like they are perfect.. and is not dat i cant take joke.. even me sumtimes insult others to make other ppl laff.. but hey.. after a tot abt it.. y we have to do dat??

the party that we insulted will be hurt.. altho they say it's ok.. and they will laff together.. but hey.. imperfection is unavoidable u see?? so y dont u take the imperfection as the uniqueness of one.. is not that im complaining but altho there's flaws in one.. there's also a good quality in them.. y dont u look at it rather than look at the flaws??

same goes for feedback.. when u werk in a customer-related line.. u will realise that they complaint more than compliment.. y?? isit bcoz mistakes is easier to spot?? or it's just that they are blinded from the good thing.. quote from albus dumbledoor(if im not wrong) "it's harder to say sorry when u are right than say sorry when u r wrong".. but for me it's just not easy to say sorry..

patience is the key

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 1:19 AM

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