Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Old WISE Man

it's been awhile since i last blog.. but hey.. i think telling u wat ive done for the day it's like not important.. who cares where i go except for my parents.. who cares wat i do.. except for my parents.. so.. maybe i shld only tell them.. unless if there's sometink really interesting i wanna share with u guys who's reading(kalau tk baca cam ne nak tau lah kan?)

my grandpa arrive at my place just awhile ago.. hmm i donno y.. im afraid of making empty promises.. watching my mom shed her tears.. is too hurtful for me.. but saying i wll do sometink that im not sure im capable of doing.. it's bad.. like giving empty hopes.. especially to ur parents..

"what for study so high when ur spiritual self is low as the ground?" that's wat give me a slap on my face when my grandpa talk to me just now.. u maybe smart, successful, rich but trust me.. without faith.. that's all notink.. no matter how good u r.. all go back to God.. not trying to be pious(btol ker eja) over here.. but hey.. without God(n parents) i guess we wont be standing here.. setting our fit on His creation..

Hope dat i'll be good one day... good will be enuff... maybe..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 9:02 PM

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