Sunday, February 19, 2006


HAH!~ just feel like to put the HAH in the beginning.. i dont know y.. hahaha.. sometink wrong inside ah.. look at the tym.. i just got home 2 hours b4.. haha.. went to seminar(will talk abt it later).. then to JB with my fam..

as for the seminar im not the participant but im the usher.. u know the "yeah" usher.. hahaha.. no lah.. the usher usher ppl to sit where.. shit where.. hahah.. supposedly to be there by 7.30am but guess wat?? i woke up at 8.30am.. nice rite?? luckily my dad was home and ask him a favour of sending me to the venue..

the title of the seminar is.. "The Madrasah Identity.. What Is It??" the speaker is.. Mdm Safiaton, Mr Md Jeeshan and Ustaz Nazirudin(hope i spell their name correctly) the talk was actually great if u think abt it.. but im in the wrong mood at the right place.. get it?? hahaha... so basically was not overall concentrating lah..

aafter dat went to JB with my fam.. initially wanted to buy sandals.. but bought shoes instead.. levi's it was nice.. black color.. n i bought a nike jacket too.. haha.. then shop2 a lil bit.. then home..

got home n watch teebee.. n guess wat.. i channel hop.. if u read foxtrot ull know.. hehee.. i channel hop like peter fox to be precise.. then stuck at a channel.. which is TV1.. an advertisement abt a talkshow.. guess wat.. the topic is all abt youth..

i wonder y it's always youth or teenagers put forward as a problem??? do we(as im in the youth gen oredi) always create so much problems until it become "masalah masyarakat"? maybe their reason is we will become the future leaders.. i emphasize the werd WILL.. even if it's not in the political world but we WILL still become leaders one way or another.. so the community keep encouraging us to be the best youth possible..

becoming leader is not that easy as u think.. it take alot of effort and tym.. really.. actually age is not the matter of becoming a leader.. it's the way how u think.. young wise leader is better than old childish leader.. been in that situation b4.. u will see the great difference between them.. hah!~

so to the youth.. plz.. put ur curiosity on the right path.. n try to learn to be a great leader in the future... tym is moving fast.. without knowing u maybe one soon..

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