Wednesday, March 15, 2006


guess where i am judging by the time i type dis post?? u know?? ok ok i tell.. im at my office at AMP.. u know.. my attachment... wat the hell im doing typing dis out?? basically im bored.. yes.. pretty sure abt that.. i donno abt other interns(sound like grey's anatomy huh?) but im left with no werk.. hehehe..

i hope there will be some 2moro or next week.. oh yah.. 2moro im going to take a half day leave.. just started and then wanted to take leave?? im sori.. but cant help it.. i need to go for my appointment.. yeah.. i know.. im not that fit.. so that's the reason for me to go for checkup lor..

today is the third day of internship(damn! i like the werd).. and just now i get to sit on the chairman's chair!! woohooo.. comfy chair i shld say... i was basically just checking the anti-virus software on his come to see whether it is updated or not.. i think that's all wat i did today.. hahaha.. *looking at the watch* ooo left only 50 mins for me to be here... weee!~ and then.. home sweet home i guess.. heee..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 5:06 PM

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