Monday, March 20, 2006


1st day of 2nd week of my attachment.. yep.. ard 11 more weeks to go until i really end my attachment.. n here come FYPJ/FYP(Final Year ProJect) that will oso tkae me 12 weeks... then.. will be my academic semester.. then.. the werd ive been waiting for "GRADUATE" heeee... how i like that werd so much.. hehehe.. dont ask me y? but that if my result 2moro.. oh yah.. result will be out 2moro.. is good lah.. haiz.. no confidence in the past papers.. but it's ok.. i tink i did my best...

look at the title... heee.. yes yesterday.. during my werk at escape.. i went for a swim UNWILLINGLY... i was stationed at bumper boat(if uve been there u know wat i mean) then was warn.. that ill be wet at that station bcoz of the squirting and all that i dont mind.. then got dis once where i was squating in front of the bumper boat with guest in it.. after unhooking the ropes i tried to push the boat.. but guess wat happen?? i fell into the "pool".. yep.. i was drenched.. be reminded that my HP was in my pocket.. so it got wet and spoilt!!!

that incident really spoil my mood to werk.. but nevertheless still nid to werk.. then i hurt my thumb.. haiz.. i donno how.. but suddenly my thumb was bruised.. haiz!~ so many things happen in just a split seconds... fell in a "pool" with my uniform and shoes on.. and all the things in my pocket.. and then bruised my thumb.. haiz... maybe it's a lesson for me to be more careful next tym..

oh yah.. after reading dis.. laff as hard as u can.. coz dis is the only mistake(i think) i made and laff out loud together..

some ppl say being sodft is good.. but too soft might bring u to the losing end..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 9:55 AM

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