Friday, March 24, 2006

Tick... Tick... Tick...

Sekarang tepat pada pukul 5.15 petang.. masa dibawakan oleh jam dinding yang tergantung di ofis MIS @ AMP... dan dgn itu... lagi 45 min lagi.. saya akan pulang ke rumah..

hmm.. 2 weeks pass me by.. yep.. it's been a long 2 weeks.. y? attachment of coz.. been slacking since day 1.. so.. yep.. got use to it day by day... hehehe... hmmm.. let's see.. actually.. i donno wat to type.. but yeah.. i think it's been awhile since i updated my blog..

ok 1st let's talk abt movies.. i watch 3 movies oredi!! woohooo... 1st V for Vendeta.. super nice movie!!! but yep.. make sure u are wide awake to watch dat movie or just get urself some sweets.. bcoz alot of talking but the thing it's great! imagine a man alone againse the whole nation! wooohooo nice rite??? and yep.. there's this one part.. one guy was executed just bcoz he owned a Qur'an.. yep was executed! so overall i give it 4/5..

2nd Yours, Mine and Ours.. imagine.. cheaper by the dozen.. but more!! hahahah... the sypnosis is like got dis guy, Frank, got 8 children.. and all well managed, well organized, the rule type kids.. and the women is.. erm.. forgot the name.. with 10 kids.. 4 of her own and 6 adopted.. each one of them have each of their own talent.. but.. they are not organized! hahaha.. so imagine the both family join together! mischiefs! cuteness! and all!!! catch it.. i give it 3.5/5

3rd Nanny McPhee.. great movie for a teacher.. yep.. super nice.. n cute too.. donno wat to say abt that movie.. give it 3.5/5

yep altho im quite beezee with attachment.. but i still have a lil time for myself.. so yep.. werking life doesnt mean no life.. there is u just got to find it.. heee..

i wanna shop!!! but no money!! haiz.. susah lah gini.. biler ada duit.. ada jer yg tk kene.. haiz!~ nak kene bayar ni lah.. tu lah.. waduh2.. pening kepala.. tapi takpe.. duit bleh carik kan kan kan...

wat is the meaning of concern between frens?? just a random question out of my mind lah.. it's good lah to concern abt others.. but too concern.. hmmm i donno..

n yah!!! i got a stalker!! hahaha.. no lah.. got dis anonymous.. i shld say 2 anonymous person! can u plz.. tell me who u r.. haiz!~

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 5:13 PM

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