Monday, April 17, 2006

One Week

yep.. it has been a week since i last updated my blog.. ok ok.. got to make a confession abt sometink.. the previous post was not done by me.. i copy and paste from as i find it interesting for u guys to read..

biasalah jiwa remaja skrg.. nak couple2 lah.. nak tu lah nak ni lah.. hehehe.. but yeah.. not all teens are like dat rite?? some are those guai2/kuai2/good2 ones who dont bother all of this.. but yeah sometimes curiosity overcomes all.. hehehe..

curiositymite be gd or mite be bad.. depends on wat u r curious abt.. hahaha.. not saying that im gd.. but hey.. experience makes u wiser i shld say...

dis one week wat have i done?? hmm notink actually besides werk n more werk.. n yeah.. the good friday was a holiday for me.. n i watched 2 very gd movies! one is TAKE THE LEAD, the other is 8 BELOW.. lazy to tell.. just watch to know.. n yeah 4.5 for take the lead and 4.8 for 8 below.. hehehhe...

i work on saturday.. doing bumper boat again.. luckily dis time round never fall inside.. n next day i do the kite flyer.. yep lucky day for those afternoon shift(inlcudes me) it rained! yep.. until we were asked to go home at 7.30 hahahaha... the last guest went out from the park is at 6.30.. so yesterday only work for 1 hr.. hehehe... then the rest of the hour just joke ard with fellow collegues..

left a months and few weeks until my attachment ends..yep cant wait for that day to come.. where i will be heading skool for my FYP.. hope it will be an easy one.. if not.. haiyaa.. just lazy to crack my head for the whole three months of FYP... n yeah.. ive been hoping for a holiday.. even one week will do.. haiz.. fat hope..

been missing all my frens.. yep.. ive been quiet all along now... i dono y.. maybe i spent everyday werking.. hahhaha.. if u guys are free then head down to p.ris ah... and accompany me for lunch.. hehehe... nah.. not forcing.. if u feel like coming then dont forget to beep me lor..

feels like there's alot to talk abt lah.. but.. maybe next time lah eh.. ehehhe.. i wonder when will be the next tym.. till then.. take care and have a nice day ahead..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 11:46 AM

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