Thursday, April 06, 2006

Yes ah!~

look at the tym... actually.. i suppose to be sleeping rite now.. but i was woken up by my mom.. just to ask me "u want to eat burger?" so i got up n eat.. n yep... nenot sleep..

btw thanks to afah.. for tagging me to do sometink dat i dont really know but will try my best to do it..

so here's 7 qualities of my future-to-be..

1. appearance(who dont look at appearance?!~) must be at least neat lah.. prefer sweet face and sweet smile which can melt me.. heheehe

2. i dono how to say dis but.. erm.. i wanna a gerl that can stop me looking at other gals at my own accord.. not like "ape tgk2 tu.." i just want it at my own accord..

3. jealous. i love to know that my *ehem* is jeles.. hahaha.. not too much and not too lil.. heheh.. "cemburu tanda syg beb"

4. understanding. i nid her to understand me.. for who i am.. but cant possibly understand me fully.. but at least do understand the frenly side of me..

5. straightforward. i just dont like those who keep to themselves.. if it's my mistake plz do tell me.. but in a gd way lah.. dont just keep quiet.. mcm org nk terkencit

6. must be good at taking heart(pandai amik hati). imagine reaching home after a tiring work.. then to see the sweet smile and suprises at home.. awww.. hehehe..

7. must be really, really sincere. not because of being forced to, sympathy, and the list goes on..

p.s actually.. i dont like to love a person with a reason in mind.. because none is perfect.. if the love decide to take place then it will.. if not.. then.. hmmm.. next tym maybe.. hehehe

ok next 7 person i wanna tag(really no idea but here goes notink)

1. Azlina
2. Hidayat
3. Herman
4. Aidah
5. idah mariyani
6. zainal
7. farah

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