Friday, May 05, 2006


choices are to be made each and everyday in your life.. even without u noticing it.. u have made a choice at that day.. yep.. u cant run away from making a decision that is wat i just realise... becoz in the previous post(b4 the lyrics) i did mention i become a folower now... but i soon to realise that i still do nid to make my own choice for myself

for example.. breakfast... u nid to choose to eat or not to eat ur breakfast... after u choose that u wanna eat.. u nid to choose again to eat light or heavy breakfast(that if u have a lot of things at breakfast).. see?? even the beginning of the day u nid to make choices...

here comes the hard part.. the werd starting with D.. yep u guess it! dilemma's the name.. as the malay idiom goes "ditelan mati mak, diludah mati bapak", translation: "to be swallow ur mom die or to be spit ur dad die".. tough choice i should say... when dilemma happens.. we(muslims) usually ask Allah(our God) for help.. yep.. by prayers.. and a special pray called "solat istikharah"..

but even with the help... we still nid to ponder on the outcomes of the choices we might take.. the pros and cons of that decision.. then evaluate which one have greater pros or fewer cons... hmmm... make sure ur mind is str8... bcoz when u are angry.. u tend to not think rationally...

yah i know... i mite be blabbing my way tru.. but just be remind dat.. u cant run away from choice.. yes or no... do or dont... hah!~

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