Monday, May 08, 2006

School Life

Everyday when you return from your school, whether or not it is from a secondary school, a junior collage, a polytechnic, or ITE, you would probably think that school sucks.

All that work and torture under your lecturer's or teacher's homework or assignments, or tutorials...

But think about this, i mean really think. All the time spent with your classmates, all the laughter, sorrows, and happiness of knowing that your friends are there in your class.

Now imagine them gone, perhaps part of them or even all of them. You may not realise it, but when advancing into the next level of education, it is inevitable that some friends will be parting with you.

What is all this you ask yourself, what I ask is of you to think, for those who received this mail, what do those people who were once or were still your classmates and friends meant to you.

Anyone who has at least finished their o levels and has graduated from respective schools would know the feeling of parting with your classmates and friends.

Not knowing when you still see them again.

Perhaps the next day, the next week, month, years, or even decade. Perhaps one day, you would realised how bitter sweet those memories were, the fun you had with your classmates and friends.

That is why ever so often when you asked someone which is the most fond memories they had in their years in education, they would often have that sadness in their eyes, but yet, they smile briefly.

It's the memories of their school friends. Those unforgettable years of laughter and happiness in school.

Each classmate had suffered under the same stresses in school. The teachers, whether they are kind or extremely strict.

So treasure your schooling days, don't complain, because you never know when you will miss them dearly. And perhaps, shed a tear for those treasured times in your youth.

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