Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Slip of the tongue may destroy the world...

yeah.. kire macam.. pasal lidah badan binasa?? gitu2 lah... tapi entah lah kenapa terasa nak letak title tersebut di atas.. fuiyooo dah lame tak update nk formal lah pulak... pang karang!!

been MIA for long.. lazy to update?? maybe lah... donno wat to update oso part of the reason.. n yep.. left... 9 days of attachment!!! wahahahaha.. cant wait.. will be back to skool on monday 5th june 2006.. will be starting my fyp.. haiz.. office hours again...

oh yah... my comp at home oso spoilt oredi.. i donno y.. so got to depend on my werk comp to do my usual things.. like checking email.. updating blog.. so on n so forth.. bcoz of dat... i seldom go home str8 from werk as i got notink to do at home... n bcoz of that(seldom goes home str8) i was missed by my parents who have their own way on showing that they miss u...

watched da vinci code n over the hedge... very good n funny respectively.. hehehhee... oklah lagi 1/2 hr nk balik!! kali ni balik umah.. tk mayap... balik umah!!!!!!!

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 3:38 PM

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