Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Summer BlockBusters!

yeay!!! i watched all the three blockbusters dis month... ooo no.. not 3 but 4 blockbusters!!! ahahaah.. movie freak i am.. yes i am... *humming* i know i can~~ be wat i wanna be~~` if i work on it~~ ill be where i wanna be *humming still*..

1st.. i watched poseidon! yeah!!! but it have a suck opening n ending!!! really... only the part where they want to get out of the ship is total madness.. but the rest!!! stupid lor!!!.. the captain n fergie(BEP) died just like dat!.. hahhahaha.. but oklah not that bad overall...

2nd.. watched da vinci code!! superb movie! but yeah.. got to read the book to know more.. anybody kind enuff to lend me the book?? the movie was like.. hmm.. how shld i put it.. very intense... tapi yg tk logic nye... si org tua yg mati 1st2 still have the strength to go at each painting and write those codes.. hahahaha...

3rd.. over the hedge.. funny movie!!! de-stressor!! hehehe... im in love with hammy!! he's so cute.. n cuddly!! like to hug.. heee... n his eyes!!! awww....

4th.. x-men 3... 1st of all would like to say... DIRECTOR DIE TK BACA KOMIK AH!!! MEPEK!!! ok.. but the effect and the fights was ok-lah... some spoilers.. ANGEL did notink except for showing off his wings.. trying to cut it off.. n erm.. save his father... Cyclops/Scott Summers died very fast.. no action from him.. so lame!.. the rest just watch urself lah... heheheh

so yep i spent hmm.. total of.. i donno!! hahahaha... bever did the calculations..

next movie i wanna watch is:

1) cars
2) RV
3) Click
4) just my luck
5) little man
6) ghost-rider
7) superman

and loads more!!!! hahahaha... so who wanna watch it with me.. just do beep me yah..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 10:14 AM

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