Monday, June 19, 2006

I need it n i got it

if u all realise.. for the past 3 month.. ive been werking every single day... n for the next 3 months.. it's the same thing.. office hours weekdays.. werking weekends.. n yep.. i needed a BREAK... a HOLIDAY.. a REST.. where i can rest peacefully without worrying abt anything...

i think i got the rest for one day... but my mind was not that "at ease" as i expected but wth.. sometink is still better than notink rite? my "break" happen yesterday..

yesterday i was to be stationed at flipper... yep.. i was expecting the worse lah im tired.. then got to do flipper.. haiz!~ but after which i arrive at the station... the station still havent been handover from the TO to us for us to do test ride n proceed with our werk... until 11 there's no handover... then until 12 the TO says dat there's sometink wrong with the generator n it will take long to repair...

so yep.. me and my partner.. slack the whole day!! weee...

then went to town to catch silent hill.. b4 i watch it i got alot of remarks of the story not good.. but.. i trust first magazine.. for horror and action movies that is.. n first magazine gave silent hill 5 out of 5 stars... so i just watch it lah.. n yep.. i am correct the story was super nice... it need full concentration to understand.. and yep.. those who played the game will understand it better too..

but it teaches wrong thing lah... it teaches revenge! hehehe.. but yeah... it's nc16.. hope they can think on wat's right and wat's wrong... oh yah.. for those who want to watch it.. but cant stand gory stuffs.. just prepare urself a vomitting bag..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 5:38 PM

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