Monday, June 05, 2006

my new shoe!!!

my new shoe!!! hahahaha... so in luv with it.. hahahaha... bought it at $112.. so yep.. im hepi..

ok ok i will take better pic of it ok??

today commence my 1st day of FYP(final year project). another 12 more weeks of ofis hours.. hmm.. another 12 more weeks of sitting infront of pc inside a "fish tank".. and lots more

my project is RFID asset tracking.. abt wat the project is all abt? im not quite sure on wat it is.. but nevermind.. still have 11 weeks and 4 days more to know wat it is..

my working tym will be monday to thursday 0830 - 1800 and on friday 0830 - 1730... now left another 1/2 an hour b4 i go home.. haiz... i really need a break.. even one week will be enuff... but nah.. fat hope.. got to wait till my fyp ends.. which will be on 25th august.. to get 2 month or 1 and a 1/2 months break! can wait for that!!!

i want break!!!!!!!!!!!! heheheh... so gonna spend my bday on the lab.. haiz!~ cracking my head.. turning it round n round.. argh!~ i hate it!~ so guys n geerls.. just wish me luck... thank u very nice.. have a nice day.. take care...

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