Monday, June 12, 2006

Out of The Box

ppl sometimes ask us to think out of the box.. think creatively.. think sometink that is original.. not copyright from others... but that is not i wanna talk abt.. hehehehehe.. i just wanna say dat im out of haunted! yeay!

sick and tired of becoming a ghost.. hehehe.. altho it's the only station with aircon but if u always do that station it can be quite boring... hahaha.. so yep.. im out of it.. n now thrill rides here i come!!

saturday i worked morning shift.. i get to do go-kart yeay!! the advanced one no the beginners one where someone can sit beside u... after a few hours then i was called back to haunted to check some things that had gone wrong.. after that i went back to A-track(the station name) n that day i nearly got hit by one of the karts... so scary.. until my whole body was shivering...

then after work went to c.c as they organized a pit on that day... it was a stupid pit(it rhymes).. the food was like so little... the drink is tasteless.. we end up eating at mcDonalds... haiz!~ isnt that stupid... then at nite we played "dog n bone" battle of the sexes.. guess wat? the guys won.. hahahah.. then home sweet home..

sunday.. i worked full day! morning i did A-track.. it was an after rain situation.. so the drain i mean the metal thingy that cover the drain is slippery... then got this one stubborn guest... we already brief them to stop and remain seated if anything happens.. but no... he go the opposite way.. so we have to run after him... as im from below.. i ran and intend to forget abt the slippery metal thingy... so i slipped n fell.. ahahaha... then i went to see the medic and he give me some plaster to fix up myself.. now its' ok lah..

then at 2pm it rained.. it rained heavyly! wooohooo stand down!!! then at 3 went to my next station which is flipper.. n yesterday was my 1st day doing that station... the bar was damn heavy.. there's alot of buttons at the control panel.. n loads more.. luckily i got my partner to teach me n help me out with the heavy safety bars...

it was nice experienced to do new things lah.. learning new things.. hehehe.. it was fun!~~ then after werk went to eat at dwntwn.. laff n laff... n then home sweet home.. was sent home by one of the TO(technical officer).. i think it's a hyundai getz.. with only 2 doors!! wahhhhh sporty!~ hehehehe

ok that's all bye bye

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