Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Positive Thinking

try to think positively is not a new thing for anyone... everyday we would here ppl say think positively lah... sure can pass.. bla bla bla... trying to put a positive mindset.. trust me it's easy.. it's only hard when ppl lose trust in themselves, frens and those who they love most.. that's when positive thinking will be hard to accomplish..

give u one example... when u wish someone hepi bday.. in return wat wll they say? at least a thanks rite?? to show that they appreciated ur remembered their bday... wat if the reply was.. "oh ok"... wat's dat suppose to mean? wat are the positive thing abt a reply like dat?? wat i can think of is the negative.. u r not appreciated period. i can bet on ur bday the person wont even bother to wish u hepi bday.. hah!~

y isit hard to accept a change in someone u r close to? hey dont ask me.. me myself not quite sure y is dat so... wat was taught was to accept every lil or big change in someone u love/close to.. i think even an enemy change to be a nicer person it will piss anyone off bcoz got no more enemy to fite with.. hehehe.. the enemy part was just a joke ok?

sometimes.. i just smile to myself thinking y i bother too much about other ppl? y i always wanted everyone to be hepi but not myself.. y?


Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 5:41 PM

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