Thursday, June 01, 2006

Spinning Round N Round

imagine urself in a room.. with 2 aircons.. both at the lowest temperature.. n its raining outside.. n u got a terrible migrain/headache... hah! that's wat i feel now.. im in the F-king server room which nid the room to be cold 24-7.. n yeah my head is spinning rite now.. i feel like knocking my head onto the monitor... hahaha..

dat day i went to cheers to get myself a drink which i bought H-two-O.. the isotonic drink.. bottled one.. oh it's so not impt for u to know.. then the cashier give me a free gift... i was smiling at 1st n i turn out to be scared abt the free gift... guess wat?! its a CLOWN!!! yes.. i have a confession

I'M A CLOWNOPHOBIC(self made phobia)

i am.. yes i am afraid of clowns.. be it the real clown.. dolls.. or anything abt them.. not the cirque du soleil kind of clowns.. but.. clowns with red nose, afro red haired, polka dots costumes.. wide smile on their faces... yes.. that kinda clowns!!

ok abt the free gift it's a CLOWN keychain.. guess wat?? i wass swinging it n the chain broke.. left just the clown without the chain dangling from the head... that really scares me off so i put it at the stairs for any kids to take... i hope not my sis!!!

n now.. i got this headache n i would prefer if i were home with hot milo.. n after that sleep... oh yah.. my family oredi off to kedah as there got wedding reception.. so far rite?? hahaha!! n the house belongs to me!!! "AKU RAJA RUMAH INI!!".. now i know y i am having dis headache.. bcoz of horns are growing out from them.. hahahahah...

there's some panadol in the pantry.. but i nid to sleep after panadol.. so it wont be possible to sleep in the office.. but hey... y dont let me go home.. no werk to do.. n i got a headache... haiz!!!

n yeah i got this one joke for u... *it's a bit dirty.. so for those who doesnt want to read.. go to another blog or just click the "X" on the rite hand corner of the window*

If u think ur life sucks.. imagine dis
U have a conjoined twin.. He is gay n u r not.. one nite he got to know another gay guy.. n u guys share only one A$$hol3.. hahahaha

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 3:37 PM

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