Friday, June 23, 2006

Tgh Boring Nye Pasal..

im damn bored.. so i decided to do dis.. ive been tagged by farlina or nana or sesaper k? hehehe... so here goes everything..

7 random things about me. . .

1) My full name is Muhammad Muhaimin Bin Kamisan (random per...)
2) I have 2 sisters 13 and 12, izzati and atiqah respectively..
3) Im a third year student in NYP
4) A 10 year old in a 20 year old body
5) A movie freak
6) i have a coulrophobia
7) usually my bed-time is at 3 am (if im not tired that is)

7 things that scare me. . .

1) Allah
2) His punishments
3) dying in the most stupidest way
4) dying while doing wat im not suppose to
5) to know that there's no one i can look up to
6) judgement day

7 random songs at the moment. . .

1) Lagu tiga kupang by donno-who-sang-it
2) my mother by yusoff islam
3) questions by system of a down
4) Hadirnya cinta by gerhana skacinta (my late bro's fav)
5) superspy by save ferris
6) lagu zaman by SM salim feat. ramlee sarip (biar org kater kite tk lupa budaya)
7) puteri by 2D

7 things i like most. . .

1) staying out till late
2) sunsets (sentosa anybody?)
3) speed (the thrill)
4) animes
5) making jokes and hearing one
6) to make other ppl smile
7) put others ahead of me

7 things i say most. . .

1) Assalamualaikum..
2) org giler jer *insert*
3) aper oi oi.. binatang pun ada name lah
4) mak aku kater biar pandai jgn pandai-pandai
5) kalau org dah pekak...
6) blom sampai!~
7) baik lah kan!~

7 people to do this. . .

1) ppl who think they wat to do this
2) those who think they are bored
3) those who are willing being tagged by me
4) those who think they can do better
5) those who like to share abt themselves to others
6) those who called themselves bloggers(kalau tk mcm mane nk buat)
7) those who want to do this

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