Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I Miss Those Times

well.. no wonder ppl say.. how suck ur skool is.. how terrible the teacher maybe.. how sad ur results maybe.. but school.. i shld say.. secondary school is the best tym in whole lifetime(since im only 20).. yep..

even when u r in poly u will of course look for new frens but apart from that.. u'll be thrilled if u get to be in the same class as ur sec sch frens.. am i correct to say dat??

i miss those times where all where frens.. equality.. joking together.. giving sarcastic remarks to each other without anyone got hurt and still can luff their ass off the joke.. mugging for exams.. be it major or prelims.. asking last minute pointers from top-students.. last minute refresh memory on wat the topic is all abt..

how i miss those times.. but now.. yep.. a few months left to spend with them.. most of them will go to egypt to further their studies.. yep.. if it's best for them.. then im here to pray for their happiness and hope the bring back a successful smile and a roll of cert as a prove of their success..

i maybe far from all of u.. i may have seems like ive move away from all of u.. but remember this.. u guys have been on my mind.. i donno how im gonna face the days where only a number of us here in singapore.. where most of u are there fulfilling ur dreams.. just two werds.. TAKE CARE..

by typing dis.. im not saying that i dont appreciate the frens i have now.. i do appreciate u guys.. but i guess im just there as a disturbance in ur clique.. im sori abt that.. im so not into cliques or watever u call it.. y seperate the good and the bad?? when the bad can learn sometink from the good?? y must we choose our fren??

wat if a person we dont choose to be our fren come into our life?? wat will u do? throw the person far2 away?? or tell the person in the face "hey i dont want to be ur fren! get it?"?? or just be a hypocrite and accept the person and talk bad behind them?

just a simple werds.. frens come and go.. appreciate those who come.. even they are not the fren u r looking for.. but they are still there to walk by ur side and make an effort to make u smile..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 10:02 AM

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